We’ll Make Your Written and Visual Communications Read Well and Look Stunningly Exceptional.

At Crazed & Rephrased Global Enterprises we go above and beyond making sure your written communications sound good and deliver your sales message and/or product information in an effective manner.
What good is a product or service if the information behind it is weak? This is where we come into the picture, to make sure that we make your sales pitch stand above the competition. In turn, customers will be more inclined to give your company the sale.


    Services WE OFFER



Proofreading and copyediting of documents.  Grammatical checks for all written works to ensure accurate English language usage.




We can rewrite and revise any existing content on your website/blog or any hard copy documents you may have.






Starting a new business, launching a new product or service, we can help you put this information into an effective press release. We  can also put together a stellar biography of you or the company founder for any of your marketing needs.



We also offer the best graphic design services available anywhere. Our in-house graphic designer can help you realize your artistic needs for whatever your company’s demands are.