avoid run-ons within your writing for clarity.


Avoid run-ons within your writing by keeping two or more ideas separate. These types of sentences are easily spotted during the proofreading session. Run-ons or fused sentences are a very common error in writing, with many ideas just jumbled together. A sentence connected with two different ideas, without the use of any commas, semi-colons or other punctuation marks gives you a run-on. This makes reading challenging as you do not know where the author is going with his/her thoughts. You can avoid these common mistakes by keeping sentences simplified, containing only one idea. Then you can build upon this idea once you’ve mentioned it in your starting sentence.


Writing, which lacks in clarity makes it hard to understand, especially with fused sentences.

When you have two incomplete sentences connected together without the use of proper punctuation, you have a run-on. In this case it is best to keep them as separate but complete sentences. It is a good practice to keep your written thoughts as simplified as possible, especially when it comes to writing.


  It’s always a good idea to have someone else look over your writing to avoid run-ons.

Furthermore, read over your writing to see if it makes any sense to you, better yet have someone else read it. If it does not sound right, and the      subject written about keeps going on and on, then you have a run-on. The subject in your writing should have the appropriate punctuation marks,  which separates the different ideas present. The use of punctuation marks correctly helps writing flow and helps with clarity.


  Have someone else proof your work for clarity and run-on sentences.

I cannot emphasized enough, always proofread your work to avoid run-on sentences. If you’re not sure, have a professional read your writing for grammar and sentence structures. Proofreading your own work can be tricky as it is very hard to distinguish the wrong from the right. This way it is hard to spot any errors. What may sound and look good to you will come across totally the opposite to your reader.


Spending a little more time, making sure your writing flows makes a huge difference in preventing fused sentences.

Lastly, it is better to spend a little more time looking over your writing and making sure it flows and connects your ideas into one solid work of literary art. It’s a fact, people want to read writing with substance not something that was put out in haste.


Run-on sentence


Run-on sentences