Technology for proofreading is a good thing and bad thing.

How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Proofreading.

Technology has positives and negatives when it comes to proofreading what you have written. Writing should be proofread before presenting it to your audience. For writers, they would usually have their manuscript looked over by a copy editor before going to press with it. As far as the average person is concerned, their work should be looked over by another set of eyes. This can be very easy nowadays with the availability of spelling and grammar checks within word processing applications.



Technology USED FOR proofreading can end up hurting your writing. 



There is a problem with such built-in technology when it comes to having your writing checked out. Technology is not 100% perfect when it comes to proofing your writing due to its limitations.

Technology cannot differentiate between the different syntaxes present within your sentences.

What you mean to say and what the grammar checking option might think you are saying could cause errors. If you are not paying attention to this aspect, this feature could completely change the meaning of your writing. Once the meaning of the sentences has been changed, your writing will not make sense.




Using a spell checker within your word processing application is a huge help but can save you time at a cost.


Be mindful to keep an eye out on your spellings being wrongfully changed. Examples include, “Their” being changed to “There”, and this will completely throw off what you are trying to say in the first place.Only if you are a hundred percent certain, then go with the use of a spell checker but it is a good idea to consult a dictionary when in doubt.

How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Proofreading makes a difference in the final outcome.

I am not saying that technology is all that bad because it can be a timesaver during crunch time but use it sparingly. I believe that nowadays we have become more reliant on artificial intelligence to do our work for us. Spelling and grammar checking features, especially when it comes to writing, should not be relied on unless it is an absolute must.


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