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Proofreading Services By Crazed & Rephrased Global Enterprises 

Proofing grammar for effective communications is what we do. The proofreading service we offer is at the core of our company name: Crazed & Rephrased. Website owners can utilize our proofing services.  Writers and authors can also benefit from our proofing services. Even people who just love to write can benefit from what we have to offer.

Badly written information can hurt a writer’s chances of gaining readers.

We felt it necessary to offer proofing services after seeing poorly written advertisements copy. Online blogs, books, biographies, academic papers, and press releases can also suffer from poorly written sentences and grammar usage. We felt that we could do better for writing from all kinds of businesses and disciplines.

Our goal is to give writers the best of our abilities in making them sound great. If we achieve this for our customers, then we’ve done our job properly as far as proofreading is concerned.

See how we make your writing stand out after proofing it.

When you have written a good article or blog, you will know it right away, with your readership going up. People want to read for more information on something you are trying to sell or a service you are providing. 

This is why proofreading your work makes a big difference with your readers.

Delivering your message to new clients can be a challenge, but if the information is presented correctly, you will be successful. Your goal should be to capture the attention of your readers. 


Your writing will stand out when you work with us.

Our way of checking your writing looks at how your message comes across when reading it. When we read through it, we look for complete and well written sentences and make sure you get your message to the reader.

We use green colored text to show corrections made within your document as we proof your work. We do not rely too much on built-in spell checking systems as they can be inaccurate at times.

As we proofread your written works, we will make sure you are informed of any significant changes.

As writers ourselves, we also reach out to our clients should our team needs any type of clarification while re-reading your work. It is in our best interest not to assume what something could be in your written works. We always like to keep our clients posted on what sort of progress we’ve made with their writing.

Checking grammar for effective communications makes your work all the more solid in its delivery.