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Proofreading your material makes you even more familiar with your style of writing.

Lets face it, how many times have you written something and wished you could’ve had someone proofread it? Probably, a few dozen times. It is very helpful to have a second set of eyes to look over your writing but you can do it yourself. If you cannot find someone to help, problem solved, do it yourself. Seriously, it is not a big deal, you can do it in a few simple steps. Keep reading for more tips…


Firstly, when proofreading your own work, start with the semantics, of how it sounds when read out.

It has to flow at a natural pace, without any wordiness and run-on sentences. The goal is to get your message across as effectively as possible. Checking your grammar should be a priority for your written work.


Second of all, double check your spellings as this can make reading very awkward if words are misspelled. Proofreading your material is a plus.

Make sure to reference a dictionary (either hard copy or online), to look up a word you may be unsure of, for instance. Word-processor spell-checking features can be inaccurate based on the word’s meaning. Misspellings can definitely take a lot away from what you may have written. This can definitely put of your reader from reading any further. Proofreading your material makes your writing more compelling for your reader.


Moreover, it is important to check what you have written sounds good to you. checking your grammar makes your work look professional.

Ask yourself the following questions when proofing your work. Does it make any sense? Does it flow smoothly? Am I getting my message across to my readers clearly? Are there any sentence structures that are odd? Are there any missing commas, colons, periods, and so forth. Proofreading your material should not be looked on as a task as it is a part of the writing process.


Lastly, do your research on whatever you may be writing about. The last thing you want is, to look like you have no clue in what you are talking about. Trust your instincts and really get to know your subject before writing and publishing any of your work.


In conclusion, with the proofreading steps listed in this blog, you should be able to make your writing shine error free. 

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