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You can see from our past sample works, that proofreading books for the correct flow keeps readers engaged in your material. 

Our team examines every page in the book thoroughly for content and ease of reading. Moreover, changing the vision or the concept of the book is something we do not touch. Furthermore, we also check grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and correct them. Lastly, we rephrase sentences we feel that could flow better for easy understanding. Check out our past collection by clicking on their respective links.


Press releases need to say something specific about a new product or service. Proofreading press releases is just as similar to books. 

First of all, we make sure your message of importance is conveyed correctly in your press release. In addition, we believe that what you want to say is delivered clearly. The aim of a press release is to inform your readers of something that’s of importance to your business. In conclusion, we feel the writing has to flow in order of importance and has to be on message to be effective. Check out our past efforts above by clicking on their links.


Miscellaneous writing such as for fliers for business marketing require more detailed information. Check out our samples of previous projects above by clicking on their links.

Firstly, this too needs to be grammatically correct and your information has to make sense to the reader. Moreover, businesses also utilize fliers to advertise their services and products, which need to be clearly presented. Furthermore, when proofing fliers, we make sure spellings, grammar, and punctuation are correct. We also check for wordiness, so it is best to rephrase some of this information when called for. In closing, it’s best to keep your information short and simple in a marketing flier.