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Sentence Structure – Crazed & Rephrased Global Enterprises
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Why sentence structure matters?                                 

Sentence structure is a very important aspect of any style of writing you may engage in. There are three core aspects of a strong sentence, avoid run-ons, keep it short, and stay on message. Elements of effective writing should be included within your written work.


When we write, we are writing for an audience.

When writing, you must keep in mind that you have an audience you are writing for. So, this is why the correct sentence structure is vital. This audience has to understand what your writing is communicating, otherwise you are missing the point. This aspect is very important especially if you’re trying to sell a new product or service. Whether you are selling something or just wanting to share any type of information with your readers, your writing must make sense, avoiding common problems within your sentences.

Run-on sentences Make For a Bad Reading experience

It is always a good practice to look over your writing for run-on sentences. When sentences that keep going on and on without periods and commas, it hurts the flow and meaning behind it.  There is no need to worry about any sort of punctuation when you’re creating a rough draft of your ideas. This is just a bucket list of what the writer plans on writing for their new article, blog, editorial or book. It’s a good idea to make sure the syntax of your sentence makes sense. Keeping sentences short helps in keeping your readers engaged with your written work. This is why sentences having a structure is so important.

Get To The SYNTAX Quickly

When writing, it is a good idea to get to the point quickly than to beat around the bush with wordiness. It’s not fun when reading something, and the writer totally goes off point. This element alone makes reading a pain. Frustration is one feeling, which comes to mind especially when you’ve paid for this information. Not getting your money’s worth is the worst feeling ever, but this does happen quite a bit. You should write your sentences in a way the reader will understand. Writing that is fluid will usually have sentences that make sense and will flow smoothly for the reader.