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Why Proofread? – Crazed & Rephrased Global Enterprises
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WHY PROOFREAD what you have written?

Why proofread or rearrange anything you’ve written?

This is the question you should be asking yourself. For instance, if you’re aiming to capture a target audience, your work should make sense. This core audience could be for your business or something you are doing to educate the reader.  However, it is a good idea to look over your writing for errors. 


Analyze what you have written, and make changes accordingly. With mistake-free writing we can easily capture the attention of our audience. Most importantly, edit what you have written. Write for your audience because they are the people you are trying to sell your product or services to. They are your core group of readers. Written information about your products is very important to your customers.

Writing about product or services you offer should make total sense to your potential customers. In order not to lose any future sales, present your product information without any errors. It is a good idea to proofread your writing, so as not to give any inconsistent information about your products.

People read to gain knowledge on a particular topic.

Anyone looking for specific products or services will make every effort in learning about what you have to say. First of all, readers do not like to read articles with grammatical errors. So, make sure to edit out any errors, which could hurt your writing. There are websites, pamphlets, magazine articles, press releases, product sales sheets, which I’ve gone through and stopped reading. Why? Misspelled words, and sentences that do not make sense and make writing hard to follow. Secondly, the written copy was confusing and hard to understand. Thirdly, material like this loses the reader’s interests.

A written sales copy for a product or service must be error free within your grammar. Moreover, grammatical errors whether online or on hard copy is very common due to lack of expert proofreading. There is no excuse for not spelling words correctly so use a dictionary if you require. If you are uncertain of the correct spelling, even an online dictionary is a good resource.


Avoid likelihood of punctuation mistakes by getting someone not part of your writing team to look over your work. It is worth your effort to get an expert in copy editing and proofreading to look over your written work. Another set of fresh eyes and someone familiar with proofreading documents can make all the difference. Communication is key to a business’s success in a competitive world.

Proofreading is a necessity in all different industries and professions as all businesses have to communicate via writing. It is very important that businesses get their information concisely into the hands of their customers, without any errors. Do not forget to proof your work as it can have negative implications in the company’s image and sales.

Making the necessary corrections to your company’s documents is sure to help your potential customers understand what you are selling. This in turn can create potential sales especially if the customer knows what you are trying to sell them.

analyze what you’ve written for clarity.

Furthermore, proofread writing for misspellings, correct punctuation, grammar usage, and most importantly sentences that make sense. No reader in their right mind will strain their eyes over poorly written and not thought-out reading material. However, writing not rearranged can backfire on your message being clear.The written word must be easy to follow.Additionally, make sure what you’re saying makes sense to anyone not familiar with your services or products.

For instance, explaining clearly what you’re trying to show or sell has a huge impact on your sales.


Have enough knowledge and background information about the products or services you are trying to sell. Errors within your work will put you in a tough situation with your customers. This is because your writing will not provide accurate information to a likely customer.

Make every effort to be clear within your writing when describing what your company is selling. If your writing cannot convey the message in an effective manner, your clients will have difficulty understanding you.

Regardless, what your business produces, written communications are fundamental to its success. Writing that comes across as unprofessional can also raise doubts for your business’s goods and services.



Why Proofread?





Why Proofread?




Why Proofread?




Why Proofread?



“However, writing not rearranged can backfire on your message being clear. The written word must be easy to follow.”

Keeping your writing easy to follow keeps your readers happy.

Long sentences become hard to read and follow. Moreover, this is how to lose potential readers and clients. Avoid the pitfalls of writing long and complicated sentences.

Avoid wordiness within your sentences as this can make your writing hard to read. Long sentences that never seem to stop without any proper punctuation marks makes it a run-on. It is a good idea to avoid a run-on sentence completely. A well written sentence is one that explains something, avoids wordiness, and is free of mistakes.


Writing has to flow freely to make for easy reading, for instance. Without any critical errors your reader will enjoy reading what you have to say. The objective with any style of writing is to convey a message to your readers. Writing with mistakes can definitely hurt your company’s bottom line.  Your readers have to make sense of your writing. Do not confuse your client or you have lost them forever.

Lastly, check for any errors before you publish your work. This is true if you’re trying to sell something to a new customer.


Analyzing for correct content